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Local Password Manager and 2FA From Your Phone

Securely log in to everything without storing your passwords in the cloud

Bluink Key explained in 101 seconds

Why you need Bluink Key

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Strong passwords are a pain

Strong passwords are long and complex, different for every login, and changed regularly. Are you tired of password resets, password files, and passwords on sticky notes? Then Bluink Key is here for you.

Bluink Key makes strong passwords easy by automatically generating strong passwords, storing login credentials on your smartphone, and autofilling logins on your computer. One master password for your Bluink Key app is all you need to remember. With a touch of your finger, voice command, or QR code scan, you can automatically enjoy easy, secure access to all the websites, applications, and computers you use.

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Don’t be a target in the cloud

Other password managers store passwords on servers in the cloud, forcing users to install browser plugins and applications to get access.

This creates a huge target for hackers. LastPass alone has been hacked twice in the span of four years, and security experts are confident it will happen again.

Bluink Key is the only password manager that encrypts and stores your passwords offline on your smartphone while letting you automate logins on any computer. Nothing is ever stored in the cloud, giving you convenience and peace of mind.

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Secure 2FA: FIDO U2F & OTP

The truth is that strong passwords aren’t enough. Hackers can use phishing, man-in-the-middle, and other attacks to hack your accounts. These threats can be mitigated with FIDO Universal Second Factor (U2F) and one time passwords (OTP), the most secure forms of two-factor authentication.

Bluink Key uniquely combines FIDO U2F and OTP on your smartphone, which only you can use to authenticate. Your smartphone and Bluink Key go everywhere you do so you always have secure access. Don’t get hacked, get Bluink Key.

Bluink Key smartphone app with usernames, passwords, and other data locally on a smartphone with Bluink Key USB devices beside it.

Bluink Key Features

  • Unlimited encryption (AES-256 bit) and offline storage of usernames, passwords, and other information
  • Automatic logins (autofill usernames, passwords, and more)
  • Two-factor authenticator with:
    • FIDO U2F certified authentication (hardware 2FA)
    • One time password (OTP) generator (software 2FA)
  • Biometric reauthentication
  • Random password generator
  • Password strength report
  • Easy password import from other password managers
  • Export backups where you wish
  • Remote mouse/keyboard smartphone control
Bluink Key smartphone app with usernames, passwords, and other data locally on a smartphone with Bluink Key USB devices beside it.

What makes Bluink Key different

Password boxes with hidden passwords on a smartphone.

Offline, local encryption and storage

Bluink Key locally encrypts and stores your passwords offline on your smartphone. Unlike other password managers, nothing is stored in a browser or on servers in the cloud. Bluink Key ensures that your passwords are always safe with you.

Computer applications and user account on smartphone.

Easy access to anything, no software required

Bluink Key is the only password manager that lets you automatically log in to any website, application, or computer wherever you go. Other password managers can only autofill website logins and force you to install browser plugins and apps on all your computers and mobile devices.

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True data ownership and privacy

Your data can only be accessed locally via the Bluink Key app on your smartphone. It can never be accessed by anyone from the company, giving you true data ownership and privacy.

Collection of symbols, including the FIDO U2F logo, a clock, and a fingerprint.

All the best authentication built-in

Bluink Key has all the best authentication methods built into one solution, including secure 2FA with FIDO U2F and OTP, and biometric reauthentication. This gives you the flexibility to choose the secure authentication methods that fit your needs.

Awards and accolades

Invest Ottawa Accelerator Member
2017 Bootstrap Award for Best Mobile App
L-Spark Accelerator Graduate
Plug and Play Fintech Expo Winner

Secure your digital life

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Our Competitors' Products

  • Store every user's passwords together, online in the cloud (a huge, centralized target for hackers)
  • Use vulnerable browser extensions
  • Require you to download and sync apps on all your devices
  • Require you to buy and download multiple different products for 2FA
  • Charge recurring subscription fees
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Bluink Key (App Only)

  • Offline, local encryption and storage of unlimited usernames, passwords, and other information
  • Random password generator
  • One time password generator
  • Password strength report
  • Free forever
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App + Bluink Key

  • Includes everything in App Only, plus:
  • Automatic logins to anything
  • FIDO U2F authentication
  • Automatic OTP logins
  • Mouse/keyboard smartphone control
  • $US 29.99 (one-time)