For Organizations


Mobile ID Verification and Digital ID

Enable fast identity verification, secure e-identity, and convenient access for your customers. Includes remote ID verification, certificate-based identity, and password-free, federated identity logins from the phone with verified identity claims.

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Bluink Enterprise

Identity and Access Management

Get security, control, convenience, and peace of mind for your company by strengthening every login with the best login methods. Includes single sign-on, two-factor authentication (FIDO U2F, one time passwords, biometrics), and federated identity.

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For Individiuals


Digital ID in Your Control

Store ID information and more in a secure digital wallet on your smartphone. Log in password-free to services that require ID information. Take control of your identity.

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Bluink Key

Local Password Manager and 2FA App

Get stronger security and convenience by automatically logging in to everything with the best login methods. Includes random password generator, offline encryption on your phone, and 2FA (FIDO U2F, one time passwords, biometrics).

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Customer testimonials

"I use Bluink Key every day... Bluink's technology is the Swiss Army Knife of authentication."

Dom Fedronic - Senior Director of Identity and Access Management, VISA

"Love the usability."

Ken Ricketts - VP Engineering Infrastructure, Survey Monkey

"We have found Bluink Enterprise to be very useful as a privileged user password management tool."

Tammy Sager - Senior Programmer, CMC Microsystems

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