About Us

Bluink specializes in identity and access management and customer identity verification, using your smartphone as a strong authenticator and secure identity store. Our mission is to empower people and businesses by making secure access simple using strong digital identities. We do this by combining expertise and leadership with creativity and innovation. Not only do we build our products, but we use them too. Whether you’re seeking password management, 2FA, SSO, federated identity, or all of the above, you can trust that Bluink has the best for you.

Our team

Steve Borza President & CEO Inventor of biometric technologies and their applications to identity and encryption solutions, with over 25 years of leadership and engineering experience.
Larry Hamid Chief Technology Officer 22 years of experience in the information security field with a track record of driving technology and development of high security encryption and authentication products.
Brian O'Higgins Advisory Board Involved in the telecom and IT industry for over 25 years and in IT security for 20 years.
Mark Tse Director of Sales Entrepreneur passionate about solving business challenges with over 25 years of experience in sales, business development, and management.
Lucette Ouellette Office Manager Does the invisible stuff that keeps the team and workplace healthy and happy.
Alex Longval Marketing & Sales Specialist Writer, videographer, photographer, designer, developer, advocate, and everything in between.
Mark Murillo Mobile Developer Involved in Android mobile development with additional experience in iOS and Blackberry. Interests include machine learning, video game development, and new security technologies.
Quinn Fagan Mobile Developer I write the code that other people don't want to write.
Julian Hunt Mobile Developer Experienced iOS developer with a passion for great user experiences and fostering a great team environment.
Yulun Wu Mobile Developer Mobile developer with experience in iOS and Android development. I have a strong passion for programming, debugging, and designing new applications.
Brian O’Connor Web Developer Experienced programmer with expertise in web development and data storage.
Elliott Wright Software Developer A jack of all trades in the IT domain. I explore new technologies while making sure the current stuff stays working.
Vincent Launchbury Software Developer Experienced software developer and DevOps specialist with a strong passion for programming, Linux, and cloud automation.
Duncan MacDonald Tester & Graphic Designer Quality assurance with a sprinkling of graphic design. Always exploring new areas of interest in visual arts and media.