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eID-Me Digital ID Explained


Scanning an ID card to verify name, address, age, and other ID information for KYC ID verification

Fast ID Verification from Home

Verify your identity in minutes from the comfort of your home by scanning your ID cards and taking a live selfie.

Digital ID with ID information and credentials securely stored in the eID-Me smartphone app using secure encryption and hardware-backed security

Universal Digital ID, Secure Digital Wallet

Your digital identity is secured offline in a decentralized digital wallet on your smartphone, using strong encryption and your phone's hardware-backed security.

Securely accessing online and in person services using verified digital ID and ID information

Better Access to Services (Coming Soon)

Get online and offline access to government, financial, and other ID-enabled services using your digital ID. No passwords or long forms required. Share just the information you want to share.

eID-Me Benefits

Driver's licence, health card, and passport on a digital ID smartphone app
Driver's licence, health card, and passport on a digital ID smartphone app
  • Universal digital ID on your phone.
  • Secure digital wallet with strong protection against identity theft.
  • Identity verification in seconds (not weeks).
  • Better online security with strong authentication.
  • Convenient password-free logins.
  • Better privacy with complete control over your identity and information.
  • Better access to government, financial, health care, and other ID-enabled services (coming soon).

eID-Me Features

Using eID-Me to scan ID information from a driver's licence, passport, and other ID documents for KYC ID verification
  • Identity proofing compliant with government-defined Identity Assurance Levels.
  • Easy registration from home using passport and provincial ID documents (see requirements here).
  • Secure digital wallet on your smartphone containing your identity with verified ID information and other sensitive information (e.g., credit card and medical information). No cloud storage of your identity information.
  • Strong encryption and certificate-based authentication.
  • eID-Me identity is secured with your local smartphone authentication (e.g., passcode and fingerprint biometric).
  • Password-free login to supported websites (e.g., government and enterprise applications) with your eID-Me identity using federated login. Supported services will be added over time.
  • Bring Your Own Identity (BYOID) to work. Launching soon for Azure AD enterprise applications.
  • Available on iOS and Android.
Using the eID-Me smartphone app to log in to a banking website password-free and share verified ID information, including name, address, and email.

eID-Me Security and Privacy

Your security and privacy are our highest priority. Bluink never gets access to your ID information.

To complete registration, your information is encrypted and sent to eID-Me's secure registration server for verification. Once verified, it is sent back to your phone and destroyed on the server.

Your information is only stored offline on your smartphone using strong encryption and your smartphone's security mechanisms. Only you have access and control over your information.

Learn more about eID-Me's security. Become a member to get our Data Protection and Privacy whitepaper.

Get your eID-Me digital ID on your smartphone

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eID-Me Member Benefits

Driver's licence, health card, and passport on a digital ID smartphone app
Driver's licence, health card, and passport on a digital ID smartphone app
  • Limited-time testing and feedback opportunities (depending on location).
  • Exclusive access to insider updates and information.
  • Access to eID-Me Members groups with polls and group discussions.
  • Free download: eID-Me Data Protection and Privacy whitepaper.
  • Opportunity to help shape eID-Me and the future of digital identity.

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