Privacy Policy


The Bluink Key mobile app allows you to manage any personal information on your smartphone, including account names, passwords, credit card numbers, and many other types of information. However we do not collect or use any of the data that is input into the Bluink Key app.


The personal information managed by Bluink Key is used for the primary purpose of making all of your logins easier to manage and more secure. You decide when and how to use the information.

With whom

As we do not collect any of your personal information, we do not share or sell any personal information to third parties. You decide when the app releases information to applications on a connected computer. For example, you may decide to release a username and a password to a browser running on a connected computer in order to log into that service. The use of information that you release to these other applications will be governed by their privacy policies and terms.

You may also make encrypted backups of this information and store them in a location of your choosing.


The personal information is stored in encrypted form using AES 256-bit encryption within the app and is never transmitted over a network or stored on any server. Access to this information is restricted to only you and is protected by your Bluink Key password. The encryption is unlocked by your Bluink Key password using a strong cryptographic key derivation function. We do not know your Bluink Key password, nor do we have any means of resetting your password.

When you do decide to use some of your information managed by the Bluink Key app, it is either:
1) Transmitted directly to a connected computer via a Bluink Key over a mutually authenticated Bluetooth communication channel that is encrypted with AES 128-bit session keys; or
2) Copied to a local paste buffer on your smartphone.