Bluink Launches easyKYC™ ID Verification

Two document pages showing ID information

Ottawa, ON (January 16, 2024) – After months of development and feedback, we are excited to announce the launch of easyKYC.

easyKYC is our simple and secure ID verification service built for Canadian law firms, financial services, and real estate organizations.

With easyKYC, organizations can:

  • Verify the identity of clients remotely
  • Prevent identity fraud
  • Comply with Canadian verification requirements, including:
    • Law Society of Ontario
    • Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society
    • Federation of Law Societies of Canada
    • FINTRAC (Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada)

How does easyKYC work?

easyKYC has a simple, no-code verification platform.

  1. Your Agent fills out and submits our easyKYC web form.
  2. Your Client receives an ID verification request via email with links to download Bluink’s eID-Me mobile app.
  3. In our app, your Client takes a selfie, scans ID documents, and submits for verification.
  4. Your Agent receives an email with an encrypted and digitally signed PDF verification report containing your Client’s verified ID information.

You can print or digitally store these PDF report documents with your client’s file.

Make verification quick and convenient

The easyKYC verification process can be completed in less than 10 minutes.

easyKYC fits seamlessly into your workflow using standard tools you already know how to use. Fill out the easyKYC webform. Receive your client’s verification report in your email, and store it wherever you store client files.

easyKYC is easy to implement. No integrations, no onboarding fees, and no annual commitments. All of this provides more flexibility and peace of mind.

Protect client privacy and security

easyKYC protects your clients’ privacy and reduces your risk.

Unlike other solutions, easyKYC automatically performs the verification in seconds using our dedicated computer systems. This automation eliminates the need and the ability for human review of ID information, which prevents insider threats and identity theft.

easyKYC performs the verification on our Canadian servers. Other solutions may process client information in global cloud services, which exposes Canadian personal information to potential breach and may violate Canadian privacy laws and OSFI B10 regulations.

Once the easyKYC verification is complete, your client’s ID information is sent to you in an encrypted PDF report and deleted from our servers. We never store client ID information, resulting in better privacy and security.

Learn how easyKYC and eID-Me can help your organization

Also available for Canadian lawyers is FCT’s Client ID Verification, powered by Bluink eID-Me.