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Federated Identity From Your Phone

Two-factor authentication or full identity verification without passwords for customers and employees

Bluink Identity lets users easily and securely log in to your applications with their smartphones.

Secure authentication and authorization

Bluink Identity’s use of public key technology and push notifications provides security against phishing, man-in-the-middle attacks, and smartphone SIM fraud. With Bluink Identity you get federated SSO with strong authentication automatically.

Eliminate passwords

Strong passwords are a pain for end users and a burden for service providers. Bluink Identity can securely replace passwords by providing full identity verification via industry standard protocols so that users can easily authenticate with their smartphones.

Integrate with Enterprise or 3rd party provisioning

Bluink Identity integrates seamlessly with Bluink Enterprise, enabling user and policy management through the single Enterprise management console. Bluink Identity can also be deployed without Bluink Enterprise and integrated into third party provisioning systems.

Features that matter

  • Public key authentication
  • Full identity verification or two-factor authentication
  • Secure push notifications on smartphones
  • Transaction logs with optional location tracking
  • Per application access policies including:
    • Reauthentication
    • Biometric
    • Geofencing
Federated identity from your phone with push notifications, transaction logs, and per application policies.

What makes Bluink Identity different

Built-in flexibility

Bluink Identity gives you the options you want with the policies you need. Configure it for full identity verification or for adding multi-factor authentication to your existing logins. Set advanced policies on a per application basis to increase security where it’s needed most.

Advanced geofencing

Bluink Identity supports restricting logins or authentication to geofences that can be circles or arbitrary boundaries. This powerful feature allows you to control access based on regions that can be small, such as a campus of buildings, or as large as an entire state or province.

One-stop shopping

Bluink Identity complements other Bluink security products such as password management, SSO, and strong authentication (OTP, FIDO U2F). Realize your identity and access management needs from a single vendor.

See It In Action

How it works

  1. User clicks “Log in with Bluink”.
  2. User types their user ID and clicks verify.
  3. A secure push notification is sent to the user’s Bluink Identity smartphone app with details of the login transaction.
  4. User submits the confirmation code presented on the website to approve the login transaction.
  5. Bluink Identity digitally signs the transaction and sends back the response.
  6. User is logged in to the application.

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