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Single Sign-On and Two-Factor Authentication

The IAM solution that lets employees securely access devices and applications without compromising ease of use or requiring heavy IT infrastructure

Bluink Enterprise dashboard, Bluink Key USB devices, and the Bluink Key smartphone app: key components of the secure all-in-one identity and access management solution.

Solve your password problem

Strong passwords are necessary to secure our valuable information. But 14-character random-generated passwords are a real pain, leading to high volumes of password resets as you struggle to remember them.

Using Bluink Key Enterprise, you can adopt strong passwords without exposing their complexity by using your own smartphone to authenticate. Users interact with their smartphone via simple methods like fingerprint and voice while Bluink Key Enterprise handles all strong passwords behind the scenes, allowing easy access to devices and applications.

"Our initial rollout of strong passwords was a disaster. Nobody could remember their longer and stronger passwords and some folks even ended up writing them on post-its, which defeated the entire purpose. With Bluink Key Enterprise, our users never have to think about their strong passwords—they simply use their own phones. We’ve never had as high of an adoption of any security method as Bluink Key Enterprise." – CIO, financial services company

End phishing

Studies show that executives forget their passwords more often than any other employee. This has led to many notorious cases where executive emails have been successfully phished. Imagine unknowingly handing the keys to the kingdom to a malicious entity in such a way!

Using Bluink Key Enterprise, organizations can easily adopt un-phishable secure authentication methods such as FIDO U2F (Universal Second Factor) authentication without compromising ease of use or requiring heavy IT infrastructure.

"Ever since hearing about that former Clinton campaign chair John Podesta’s gmail was phished, we’ve made it a priority to switch to two-factor authentication. We chose Bluink Key Enterprise because it integrated well with our legacy security systems yet allowed us to easily introduce more modern methods like FIDO U2F." – CIO, managed services provider

Don’t be a target in the cloud

Breaches happen. Just scan the news headlines and you’ll find numerous high profile examples of websites that have been hacked and databases that have been stolen. Solving the problem of too many passwords is worth doing, but turning to a public cloud password manager like LastPass means assuming they too will not one day be hacked.

Bluink Key Enterprise solves the password problem, but never puts personally identifiable information, passwords, or secrets of any kind in the public cloud. Instead, users’ own smartphones act as secure tokens to identify and authenticate them for accessing devices and applications.

"We evaluated cloud-based password management services but felt they were potentially a single point of failure. We chose Bluink Key Enterprise because we couldn’t take the risk of putting any confidential information in the cloud. Not only do we secure our applications with Bluink, we use it for full disk encryption." – CIO, healthcare company

Bluink Key Enterprise is your all-in-one solution

Bluink Key Enterprise offers everything you expect from a full-featured identity and access management solution including:

  • Strong password management
  • FIDO U2F certified authentication (2FA)
  • Biometric reauthentication
  • Single sign-on
  • Privileged account management
  • Active Directory integration
  • Open standards public key cryptography
  • Login automation (username/password autofill)
  • Geofencing policies
  • Shared credentials
  • One time password (OTP) generator
  • Random password generator
The Bluink Key Enterprise smartphone app securely stores all your organization's usernames, passwords, and other data on your employees' smartphone and uses the Bluink Key USB device to autofill logins to computers and enable FIDO U2F and OTP 2FA.

What makes Bluink Key Enterprise different

Phone as a token

Most security solutions rely on deploying software on your desktop, installing browser plug-ins, or carrying around smart cards. Bluink Key Enterprise uniquely uses your own smartphone as the means of carrying your credentials, allowing for the ultimate in portable authentication without heavy IT infrastructure.

Decentralized architecture

Most approaches to identity and access management rely on a centralized database of credentials, which creates a huge potential target. Bluink Key Enterprise pushes credentials to the very edge of the network, your own smartphone, reducing the threat of a single point of security failure.

SSO for any website, application, or computer for fast, easy access.

Single Sign-On, from boot to cloud

Bluink Key Enterprise's universal login goes further than any other security solution, and logs you in to everything from full disk encryption, to your OS, to your web apps. For example, one simple sign-on with your smartphone can get you into BitLocker, Windows 10, and in seconds.

Method agnostic

Authentication technologies are continuously evolving and companies are reluctant to choose a solution that locks them into any single method. We designed Bluink Key Enterprise to be flexible enough to support any authentication method: strong passwords, one time passwords, public key, biometrics, multi-factor, and federation.

Simple to use

Strong passwords are a pain. People hate using them, which leads to poor adoption, non-compliance, and vulnerability. Because Bluink Key Enterprise is incredibly easy to use, your rollout of authentication is assured high adoption across your organization.

Legacy-friendly and future-proof

Companies have made significant investments in security infrastructure over the years. Bluink Key Enterprise works with your existing security infrastructure like Active Directory, but allows you to transition to more modern approaches over time. And because Bluink Key Enterprise is authentication-method agnostic, you are never locked into any one method.

Customer testimonials

"I use Bluink Key every day... Bluink's technology is the Swiss Army Knife of authentication."

Dom Fedronic - Senior Director of Identity and Access Management, VISA

"Love the usability."

Ken Ricketts - VP Engineering Infrastructure, Survey Monkey

"We have found Bluink Enterprise to be very useful as a privileged user password management tool."

Tammy Sager - Senior Programmer, CMC Microsystems

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2017 Bootstrap Award for Best Mobile App
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