eID-Me Remote Identity Verification App Explainer

Learn how to verify your customer's identity remotely with eID-Me for fast and secure onboarding.

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Video Transcript

Users take a selfie with liveness check to reduce identity fraud.

Scan the front and back of their driver's licence and other ID cards.

Scan their passport's information page.

And scan their passport chip with active validation, which reduces identity fraud.

Submit for identity verification. The eID-Me registration server verifies the user's identity by comparing:

  1. Identity information between ID documents
  2. Selfie with ID photos using facial recognition
  3. Address on the ID with the smartphone's geolocation.

...and provides fast, real-time results.

After users verify their identity, they receive a digital ID with their ID information secured offline on their smartphone.

After registration, all information is deleted from the registration server.

You can integrate this identity verification directly into your solution's onboarding process, or you can join the eID-Me platform as a Relying Party and let users share verified ID information with your organization from their eID-Me app.

[Works for both online and in-person use cases.]

Verify the identity of your customers easily and securely with eID-Me today.

[Learn more at eid-me.com.] Thanks for watching.

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