All Identity Documents Supported by eID-Me Digital ID

Map of Canada with numbers above each province and territory.

We’ve now published a list of all identity documents currently supported by our eID-Me digital ID app. This list of supported ID documents can be found in our website’s navigation bar under the Individuals tab.

The eID-Me digital ID app has comprehensive support for Canadian identity documents, including driver’s licences and ID photo cards from all provinces and territories in Canada.

eID-Me also supports health cards from Ontario and Québec, BC Services Cards, and passports from Canada, the US, France, and China.

This brings the number of supported ID documents up to 34 (31 of which are Canadian-specific).

Why does comprehensive support matter for Individuals?

Comprehensive support for ID documents improves inclusivity. The more ID documents supported, the more people can register for an eID-Me digital identity.

It also increases the number of ID documents that you can digitize and store in your eID-Me digital wallet.

Note that all the ID information you store in eID-Me is encrypted offline on your smartphone. Our company, Bluink, doesn’t store any of your ID information to protect your privacy and increase security.

Learn more about eID-Me for Individuals here.

Why does comprehensive support matter for Businesses?

With eID-Me, we’ve focused on supporting the most Canadian ID documents possible to better serve Canadian businesses.

Our comprehensive support means more Canadian residents will be able to verify their identity for your business, which means more customers for you.

Learn more about eID-Me for Businesses here.