eID-Me Digital ID Launch in Ontario on iOS and Android

eID-Me is now available in Ontario on the App Store and Google Play Store.

eID-Me is a secure digital identity smartphone app. It digitizes and securely stores government-issued identity and self-managed identity information on your smartphone.

Features and partnerships are now being developed to make online identity verification quicker, easier and more secure by eliminating passwords and strengthening privacy protection.

To be clear, eID-Me won’t work as legal ID at launch. Our goal is to improve access to services that require verified identity, including government, financial, health care, legal, and more. We’re developing partnerships to get that done. Launching the eID-Me app is a necessary step in that process.

eID-Me’s digital ID can currently serve as a secure backup of your identity information in case you lose your physical ID documents.

If you want to help speed up eID-Me integrations and adoption, spread the word. Share eID-Me content on social media. Show eID-Me to friends. If you’re really enthusiastic, email your MP (http://ow.ly/J8xJ30qopun) and MPP (http://ow.ly/QscH30qopu5), asking them to support eID-Me digital ID.

We appreciate your help.

Watch the eID-Me Launch Teaser video to see eID-Me in action: https://youtu.be/VEHy63U_0L8.

This is the first in a series of eID-Me 101 videos. Join eID-Me Members to be notified when the next one releases: https://eid-me.com/join

Registration Requirements

  • iPhone 7 or later (with iOS 13 or later) OR Android phone (with Android 6 or later and NFC enabled)
  • Valid Canadian Passport
  • Valid Ontario Driver’s Licence* (with current address) OR Ontario Photo Card (with current address)
  • To be at the address shown on your Ontario ID when you register

*Note: the Ontario Enhanced Driver’s Licence is not currently supported.

Don’t have one of the required ID documents?

Join our eID-Me Members group and tell us what ID you want support for.

eID-Me Download Links:


Our eID-Me Testers and Members helped us tremendously with eID-Me testing, feedback, and improvements. (Shout out to the eID-Me Tester who tested their EDL for us over video chat and the Tester who shaved his beard to try passing identity proofing.)

This would not have been possible without all of your support. We are incredibly grateful.

We look forward to making digital ID a reality and continuously improving eID-Me with your help.

From all of us at Bluink, thank you!

eID-Me Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to my data when I submit for identity proofing?

During identity proofing, the information that you collect with your eID-Me smartphone app is securely stored on your phone. When this information is submitted to the eID-Me servers for verification, the information is destroyed after each failed attempt to pass identity proofing. When the identity proofing passes, your submitted information is transformed into a digital identity and awaits your confirmation before being installed on your phone. This information is also encrypted so that only the target phone can decrypt it, and it is retained for a maximum of two hours. Once the digital identity is installed on the phone, the information is destroyed on the eID-Me servers.

How is my identity information protected?

Your eID-Me information is encrypted on your phone and bound to your phone’s authentication methods (e.g., passcode and biometric). The only way to access this information is by unlocking your phone. The eID-Me app can also be configured to auto-lock after a period of time, and you can set specific pieces of identity information to require reauthentication. Unlocking the app or using one of those protected pieces of identity information will require that you authenticate to your phone.

Who has access to my identity information?

No identity information is stored in the eID-Me identity provider or in the eID-Me registration server. Some relying parties that you interact with may keep identity information that you send to them. eID-Me has no control over that. Other than that, the only entity that has access to your identity information is you.

Why would I trust Bluink with my identity information?

Bluink has none of your data. Bluink’s servers and apps have undergone independent third-party security assessments to assure that no identity information is kept by the servers and that the information on your phone is well-protected with the best security practices in the industry.

What happens if I lose my phone?

If you lose your phone, there are a couple of things to know. First your eID-Me identity information will be protected by your phone’s authentication methods (e.g., passcode and biometric). Your data remains safe provided no one can authenticate to your smartphone. Second, if your phone is really lost, you will need to re-register for an eID-Me identity on a new phone.

We recommend using strong authentication (e.g., passcode and fingerprint scan) to ensure that your phone can’t be accessed by other people if they find it.

We also recommend enabling “Find my iPhone” on iOS and “Find your Android device”. These features help you find your phone if you’ve lost it. They also let you remotely erase your phone’s data if you can’t find it.

Where can I use eID-Me?

eID-Me will be integrating with various government and commercial services over time. New services that support eID-Me will be announced to eID-Me Members via email and in the Facebook and Telegram groups. Join eID-Me Members at: https://eid-me.com/join

Visit our eID-Me FAQ page for more: https://docs.bluink.ca/eid-me/faq.html

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