eID-Me use case

Digital ID for car sharing and autonomous ride hailing

Verify a customer's identity and let them securely unlock your vehicle with their phone.

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User experience

Customer scanning their driver's licence on a table using their mobile phone

Verify identity

Take a selfie, scan a card. eID-Me verifies the customer's identity with identity proofing using third-party credit bureaus and mobile phone providers. Customers are verified and registered in minutes, not days. Afterwards, a certificate-based digital identity with verified credentials is issued to their phone. No keys, key cards, or fobs required.

Car reservation mobile app showing nearby vehicles based on time and vehicle preference

Reserve a vehicle

Customers use a web service or app to reserve a vehicle online with their eID-Me mobile app. No passwords required.

Customer unlocking a black car using the mobile phone

Unlock it with your phone

At the reservation time, the customer approaches the vehicle and taps the "Use eID" button on their phone. This connects the eID-Me app to the car OS over a secure Bluetooth connection, allowing eID-Me to unlock the vehicle.


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  • Onboarding in minutes
  • Automatic card scans
  • No keys, key cards, or passwords
  • Sharing of fleet and privately-owned cars from one platform

Security and privacy

  • ID proofing using trusted databases
  • Certificate-based federated identity
  • Information locally stored on phone in secure digital wallet
  • Peace of mind
Bar graph showing growth in value


  • Owners receive revenue from idle cars
  • Manufacturers receive revenue from new model
  • Car OS providers generate recurring revenue from software licensing

eID-Me showcased in BlackBerry QNX / L-SPARK Accelerator

Last December, Bluink was one of seven companies chosen to be part of the BlackBerry / L-SPARK Accelerator Program. The program has enabled Bluink to collaborate with BlackBerry QNX to develop car sharing capabilities into automobiles using eID-Me’s mobile identity verification and digital identity platform.

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