Press Release: Bluink Showcases eID-Me for Car Sharing and Autonomous Ride Hailing in BlackBerry QNX Enabled Vehicles

Bluink’s eID-Me will offer consumers and businesses a convenient, private, and secure way to reserve and access car sharing, rental, and autonomous ride hailing vehicles

Ottawa, ON (May 31, 2019)Bluink, specialists in identity and access management and customer identity verification, announced today the demonstration of its eID-Me for BlackBerry QNX Enabled Vehicles. The proof of concept was developed in collaboration with BlackBerry QNX as part of the BlackBerry / L-Spark Accelerator Program and was showcased at the recently launched L5 Track in Ottawa.

Last December, Bluink was one of seven companies chosen to be part of the BlackBerry / L-SPARK Accelerator Program. The program has enabled Bluink to collaborate with BlackBerry QNX to develop car sharing capabilities into automobiles using eID-Me’s mobile identity verification and digital identity platform.

How Does eID-Me for BlackBerry QNX Enabled Vehicles Work:

With the eID-Me mobile app, a user first verifies their identity by taking a selfie and scanning their driver’s licence. This information is checked against third-party databases for identity proofing. Once verified, a certificate-based digital identity is issued to the user’s smartphone, where it is secured with encryption and the phone’s hardware backed security mechanisms.

With eID-Me in hand, the customer reserves a vehicle using Bluink’s car share website or mobile app. At the scheduled reservation time, the user simply walks up to the vehicle and unlocks it with their phone. The eID-Me app sends the user’s unique digital identity over a secure Bluetooth connection to the vehicle’s BlackBerry QNX software, unlocking the doors. The user starts the car and drives away.

The Car Sharing Solution for the Future:

Today’s car sharing solutions are inconvenient because of slow onboarding processes that take days to complete, and secondary key fobs required to access the vehicles. These solutions are insecure – over 100 car2go vehicles were stolen just last month. eID-Me brings convenience and security to car sharing with registration done in minutes using fast and secure identity verification, and a tamper proof digital identity – all on the user’s phone.

With eID-Me, individuals and corporate car share services can confidently and securely share their vehicles, earning revenue instead of letting them sit all day in the parking lot. This has applications today for car sharing and in the future for autonomous ride hailing services.

Steve Borza, President and CEO of Bluink, said:

“eID-Me for BlackBerry QNX is the future for car sharing and car rental organizations. Customers will be able to do their identity verification and vehicle reservation online, and won’t experience the inconvenience of waiting for assistance at a rental agency or waiting for their key card to come in the mail – they’ll be able to leave with their vehicle within minutes. Car sharing and rental agencies will have peace of mind knowing that their system is secure and only authorized individuals have access to their vehicles.”

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About Bluink

Bluink is a digital identity company headquartered in Ottawa, Canada that specializes in identity and access management and customer identity verification, using the smartphone as a strong authenticator and secure identity store. Bluink’s mission is to empower people and businesses by making secure access simple using strong digital identities. For more information, visit

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