eID-Me Digital ID Explained by the Bluink Team

Learn what eID-Me digital identity and identity verification is and how it can help you.

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Video Transcript

Let’s start by asking, what is identity?

Is it a username and password? We use them often, but they’re vulnerable to phishing, brute force, dictionary attacks, and data breaches. Is identity your SIN number? It’s unique, but what do you do once it’s stolen? What about ID documents? They're identity, aren't they? But we have so many, how do we verify them online? Is your face or fingerprint your identity? What about your home address?

These are all pieces of identity. eID-Me securely combines and verifies them to create your digital identity on your smartphone.

Here’s how it works.

Take a selfie, scan your identity documents, and submit for identity proofing, all from the comfort of your home.

Your security and privacy are our top priorities. Our company, Bluink, has no access to your identity information.

To complete registration, your information is encrypted and sent to eID-Me's registration server for verification. eID-Me verifies the information from your submitted ID documents, compares your live selfie with your ID photos, and compares your home address with your smartphone’s location.

Once verified, an eID anonymous identifier and digital certificate are generated and bound to a private key, which only exists on your smartphone. Your verified identity information, which is also bound to your certificate, is secured in an eID-Me digital wallet on your smartphone to complete your digital identity. All information submitted to the eID-Me server is erased.

Your eID-Me digital identity is secured on your smartphone with strong encryption. And it can only be unlocked using your local smartphone's authentication methods.

By using digital wallets instead of storing your identity information on the eID-Me servers, the risk of a massive data breach is non-existent. Only you have control over your eID-Me information.

eID-Me development began in 2017 with a $1.2M award from the Ontario Government. Last year, we conducted alpha and beta tests with over 130 eID-Me Members, receiving lots of feedback. Thanks to their help, we made big improvements.

Now you can get your eID-Me digital identity on your smartphone, which can be used as a secure identity backup.

We’re also developing an auto-form fill feature to help you quickly and accurately fill out any online form in seconds with information from your eID-Me app.

Now we’re building partnerships with organizations across government, financial services, health care and other industries. These will let you prove your identity directly with your eID-Me digital identity for faster and easier access to services.

We look forward to improving eID-Me with your feedback and support. Download eID-Me today for Android and iOS at eid-me.com/download. Help us shape the future of digital identity at eid-me.com/join.

If your organization needs identity proofing, KYC, or digital identity, contact Bluink today to find out how we can help.

Thanks for watching.

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