Bluink Key Will Be Removed From App Stores in August 2022

We’re sad and sorry to say that the Bluink Key app will be removed from the App Store and Google Play Store on August 1, 2022. Due to limited resources and shifting priorities to our digital identity mobile app, eID-Me, we made the difficult decision to end support for Bluink Key.

After this time, you will no longer be able to update your app or download the app onto your phone.

However, if you already have the app installed, you will still be able to use it past August 1.

We recommend that you regularly create a backup file of your usernames and passwords (in case you need to export them later).

Here’s how to create a backup file and export your usernames and passwords from Bluink Key.

  1. In the Bluink Key app, tap the menu button (☰), tap “Settings”, and tap “Backup”.
  2. Tap “Email as Attachment”, create a Backup Password, enter your email address, and send the Bluink Backup email to your inbox.
  3. Switch to your desktop or laptop computer and perform the following steps there.
  4. Open the Bluink Backup email and download the Bluink Key Backup file.
  5. Visit, click “FILE”, and open the Bluink Key Backup file on your computer.
  6. Enter the Backup Password on the web page, and click “UNLOCK”.
  7. Click on each login item to reveal the usernames and passwords.
  8. Select all the usernames and passwords text (Ctrl-A on Windows / Cmd-A on Mac).
  9. Copy (Ctrl-C on Windows / Cmd-C on Mac) and paste (Ctrl-V on Windows / Cmd-V on Mac) the usernames and passwords into a spreadsheet or another secure file of your choosing, and save that file.

If you need additional support, please email

To all our users, we sincerely thank you for your support and hope you stay safe and healthy.