Bluink eID-Me Digital ID – Onward in 2022

Digital identity mobile app with a driver's licence on an Android phone and a passport on an iPhone

2021 was a major year for momentum at Bluink, winning and continuing on with contracts for our digital identity technologies. From supplying mobile ID document capture SDKs to government agencies, to carrying forward our experimental Verifiable Credentials program that makes PDF documents secure and binds them to an actual person, much was accomplished. Plus, the launch of eID-Me for appointment check-in at a new multiservice medical hub in Ottawa, complete with password-free login for viewing patient medical records.

The big wins however involve supply agreements for complete omnichannel rollouts of our eID-Me digital identity platform with large corporations and a Canadian city! These exciting public-facing applications of digital ID will raise the awareness and add use cases for eID-Me that citizens have been asking for. As provinces struggle to offer digital ID, cities can easily adopt eID-Me, digitally transforming service delivery for their citizens today.

These contracts have also allowed us to connect third-party ID data sources to our ID verification and fraud prevention platform. This allows us to expand our applications from basic identity proofing to FINTRAC-compliant eKYC, which will accelerate eID-Me’s commercial customer base in 2022.

With a 3x jump in Bluink’s contracted revenue for 2022, it’s looking like the coming year will be an inflection point for digital ID in Canada. A promising outlook as we proceed undaunted in building our world class eID platform powered by the knowledge that its day would come!

We wish you all the best in 2022! Stay tuned as we launch digital ID deployments with an exciting list of customers and partners.

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