eID-Me App Update: Automatic ID Card Detection, Scanning Improvements, and More

Passports, driver's licences, and photo identity cards from Canada

The latest eID-Me app update improves the user experience with automatic card detection, scanning improvements, and more app information for better support.

Specifically, update 1.16.1 on iOS and 1.3.69 on Android adds the following improvements.

1. Automatic card detection during registration.

Before this update, users had to select their province, select what ID card to scan, and select what side to scan. This new feature removes all of those choices by automatically detecting what ID card is being scanned. Now users simply scan their card any way they’d like for faster and simpler registration.

2. Scanning improvements for ID cards from Nova Scotia, Alberta, and Northwest Territories.

This improves the speed and accuracy of scanning, letting more users register faster.

3. App version information is now available during registration.

This gives us our support team more information to better assist users with registration.

We announced the eID-Me’s Canada-wide launch two weeks ago, and have received a great response. We’re dedicated to improving eID-Me further and supporting more users as more services that need identity go digital.

To register for eID-Me as an individual, you will need a valid Canadian or US passport and your Driver’s Licence or Photo ID Card. The passport requirement will be removed in a later update in the upcoming months.

For full registration requirements and download links, visit eid-me.com/download.

Watch the eID-Me Registration Tutorial & Remote ID Verification Demo video to see eID-Me in action: https://youtu.be/1JaC1wD7wsw.

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