eID-Me Update: Add/update ID documents, acceptance of expired Ontario ID cards, identity verification SDK for business

Identity documents / ID cards currently supported by eID-Me are driver’s licences in Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia, the Ontario Photo Card and Health Card, and the BC Services Card and Combined Card. Support for more ID documents is coming soon.

The latest eID-Me release (1.7 on iOS and 1.3.19 on Android) is now live. This release includes:

  • the ability to add/update ID documents after registration,
  • acceptance of Ontario ID cards that expired on or after March 1, 2020,
  • and an identity verification SDK for businesses.

Here’s some more detail on each.

Add/update ID documents

The add/update ID documents feature lets users add new ID documents in case they didn’t add them during registration or if the ID document they registered with has expired. To add or update an ID document, tap the + button on the Documents page. Let us know what you think by emailing us at info@bluink.ca.

Acceptance of expired Ontario ID cards

We’re now accepting Ontario ID cards that expired on or after March 1, 2020 to match Ontario’s extension of validity for expired ID documents due to COVID-19. This applies to the Ontario Driver’s Licence, Ontario Enhanced Driver’s Licence (EDL), Ontario Health Card, and Ontario Photo Card.

Identity verification SDK for business

Also in this update is the release of the eID-Me SDK (software development kit). Businesses can use this to directly embed eID-Me’s identity proofing (ID document scan, ID authentication, selfie with liveness detection, and geolocation) into their onboarding/application process.

Embedded identity verification versus verified digital ID platform

This embedded identity verification is a more traditional verification solution that allows businesses to keep users in their onboarding workflow.

Alternatively, businesses can use the eID-Me verified digital ID platform, which provides greater convenience for users because users verify their identity once for multiple businesses.

With the eID-Me verified digital ID platform, users verify their identity once during registration. Verified identity information is then secured in eID-Me’s reusable digital ID smartphone app. When a user wants to prove their identity with a business that supports eID-Me, they enter their eID (from their app) onto the business’ website or application. This pushes an ID request to the user’s smartphone, showing what information is being requested. The user approves it to securely share that verified information with the business.

Instead of doing a full identity verification (ID card scan, selfie, etc.) for every business, users only need a few taps to quickly share pre-verified identity information.

eID-Me’s reusable digital identity platform with instant identity verification saves time and reduces friction for both users and businesses.

If businesses want a more cohesive onboarding process, eID-Me’s embedded identity verification may be the better option.

Contact us to learn more about our eID-Me identity verification solutions for businesses.

Click here to download the eID-Me digital ID app on iOS and Android.

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