How Digital Identity Improves Access to Government Services

A woman holding her mobile phone in front of her face

Does this sound familiar?

You type your username and password. “Sorry, that username and password is incorrect.”

So you try again. “Sorry, your account has been locked. Please contact support.”

So you contact support. “We need to prove your identity. You’ll receive a letter in the mail in 4 to 6 weeks.”

Now here’s the problem: You’re locked out of your CRA account, and you need to file your taxes today.

You can’t wait 4 to 6 weeks. You need to verify your identity now.

That’s where eID-Me comes in. eID-Me verifies your identity in seconds using two things you already have: your mobile phone and your identity card.

Once you’ve verified your identity, you receive a digital ID with verified information encrypted and stored in your eID-Me digital wallet.

You can then share this information with service providers to prove your identity and sign in.

That means you can verify your identity in seconds from the comfort of your own home.

That means you can access important government services when you need them.

That means you can forget your password (because we all do sometimes).

See how eID-Me digital identity improves access to government services in this short video.

Video Transcript

This is a real password-based login that we use to access important government accounts from the CRA, ESDC, Immigration Canada, and more.

This login is vulnerable to social engineering, credential stuffing attacks, and hacking resulting in account takeovers.

This login compromised thousands of CRA accounts in 2020. 800,000 CRA accounts were locked in 2021.

Access to government services must be improved. It can be with Bluink’s eID-Me.

eID-Me is a smartphone app that securely verifies identity, not with a password, but with real identity documents, such as driver’s licenses, photo ID cards, passports, Permanent Resident cards, and Indigenous Status cards.

eID-Me verifies a user’s identity remotely by comparing a live selfie with the ID photo, the smartphone’s geolocation with the address, the information between ID documents and information with third parties, like credit databases, mobile phone databases, and government databases.

Once verified, the user is issued a certificate-based digital identity with verified information to their eID-Me digital wallet.

After verification, ID information is deleted from Bluink’s registration server.

The user’s digital identity is stored in an encrypted digital wallet on their smartphone to increase security.

The digital identity information is verifiable, which prevents identity fraud.

The user can share the information from their digital identity with your organization by entering their eID number from their app onto your website or portal. This securely sends an ID request to the user’s smartphone for review and approval. Their information is then encrypted and sent to your organization in seconds, authenticating the user and giving them access to your services.

eID-Me can also be used to prove identity in person.

What about compliance? eID-Me’s security was independently-assessed by Ernst and Young. The eID-Me service is hosted on Canadian resident Protected B servers. Bluink is security cleared to secret.

eID-Me’s privacy was evaluated in a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) from the Digital ID Laboratory of Canada. It found that all privacy protection requirements have been met. Compliance was achieved for all seven foundational principles of privacy by design. Potential impact to privacy from the eID-Me solution is low.

eID-Me is a Canadian verified digital identity platform that provides password-free login with multi-factor authentication.

eID-Me maximizes privacy, reduces fraud, increases security, and enables secure single sign-on for Canadians.

eID-Me complies with the Sign In Canada vision.

Integrate eID-Me to improve access to your services today.

Learn more about eID-Me identity verification for Canadian organizations.