Canadian Olympic Bobsledder Uses eID-Me as Digital Identity during World Cup Travels

I had the pleasure of reconnecting with two-time Canadian Olympian and member of Canada’s bobsled team, Cody Sorensen, to discuss his recent journey. At the tender age of 35, Cody tried out and made it to the team last summer for one last kick at his Olympic journey, which happened this year in Beijing, China. He also spent the past 6 months at the Bobsleigh World Cup in Europe.

It was a wild and sometimes rough ride, with tears and bruises that most would choose not to endure. But his story, struggles, and success are a reminder to all of us that you only live once and to follow your dreams. This is not a dress rehearsal.

During our chat, Cody mentioned that he was able to use his eID-Me digital identity throughout Europe during his World Cup travels. It was used in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Latvia, where identity verification was required at restaurants and venues for admission, alongside the COVID-19 vaccination certificate. It has allowed him to leave his wallet at home, while out of town.

I often get asked, “Where can I use eID-Me?” You can use it throughout Europe, apparently! And at the Orleans Health Hub here in Ottawa, Canada, with many more places coming this year.

But let’s dig a little deeper as to why it would (and should) be accepted. eID-Me has a strong, yet fast verification and enrolment process, which includes scanning a driver’s licence and passport (optional, but recommended), following a selfie with liveness detection. A digital equivalent of those identity documents is then issued to the mobile app if an IAL (Identity Assurance Level) validation is achieved.

Now, the bouncer at the door doesn’t know all the goodness that went into creating the digital versions, but intuitively they see a digital copy of a driver’s licence or passport, and know those are accepted pieces of identity, thus allowing passage. Using Bluink’s verifier app, BounceID, they could cryptographically verify the digital ID as genuine.

So, based on Cody’s positive feedback and experience, we’re heartened, and we’ll continue our journey rolling out eID-Me to complete our vision of a digital ID for all. And who knows, perhaps I will get back on my bike and pursue my Olympic dream… Never too old and never give up!

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