News Release: Bluink Launches eID-Me Digital Identity Verification SDK for Canadian App Developers

Today we launch our eID-Me Mobile Software Development Kit (Mobile SDK) for Canadian app developers.

The Mobile SDK lets developers integrate one or more of these functions into their iOS and Android apps:

  • Selfie capture with liveness detection
  • Identity document capture
  • Identity verification
  • Digital wallet issuance
  • Digital wallet presentation and federated identity transactions
  • Password-free login

With the Mobile SDK, businesses can quickly and easily develop apps that are able to:

  • Scan and extract information from over 30 identity documents across Canada including:
    • Driver’s licences and photo ID cards from all Canadian provinces and territories
    • Health cards from Ontario and Quebec
    • BC Services Cards
    • Passports from Canada, US, China, France, Malaysia, and the UK
    • Permanent resident cards
    • Certificate of Indian Status cards
    • NEXUS cards and FAST cards
    • (And more are being added)
  • FINTRAC-compliant eKYC (electronic know your customer) with verification results in seconds.
  • Ensure real people are registering for your app with patented liveness detection and selfie capture.
  • Prevent identity fraud.
  • Issue a standards-based digital identity, including a mobile driver’s licence (AAMVA ISO 18013-5 mDL) and ePassport (ICAO eMRTD).
  • Securely store ID information in an encrypted digital wallet on the user’s mobile phone.
  • Securely request ID information from the user’s digital wallet.
  • Allow password-free login using federated single sign-on (SSO) from the mobile phone.
  • Comply with Canadian regulations and standards, including FINTRAC KYC, Identity Assurance Levels, and the Pan Canadian Trust Framework.

Contact to learn more.

Download the free eID-Me app on iOS or Android to see what the user experience looks like.