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Press Release: eID-Me Digital ID App Launches in Quebec

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eID-Me adds support for new identity documents. Quebec Driver’s Licence and Ontario’s Enhanced Driver’s Licence are now available for registration.

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eID-Me now available in Quebec, eID-Me maintenant disponible au Quebec

eID-Me is now available for download on iOS and Android in Quebec 


Ottawa, ON (April 27, 2020) – Following a successful launch in Ontario last month, Bluink Ltd. announced today the launch of eID-Me—a digital identity smartphone app—in Quebec, with new support for the Quebec Driver’s Licence. As part of its ongoing effort in supporting more identity documents, the company also announced that the Ontario Enhanced Driver’s Licence (EDL) is now available for registration.


“Bluink’s mission is to empower people and businesses by making secure access simple using strong identities,” says Steve Borza, CEO of Bluink. “To prove our commitment, our current vision is focused on enabling a self-sovereign digital identity for every Canadian. That’s how eID-Me came to life. As we are continuously developing partnerships on different levels for integration and adoption, we are also working hard to enable citizens to verify their ID and register for their eID-Me digital identity on their smartphones, all from the comfort of their own home, anywhere in Canada.”


See eID-Me explained by the Bluink team and learn how it works (video).


eID-Me in Quebec

After a massive data breach of financial card information in Quebec last year, the government’s priority in creating digital identities for its residents heightened. The Quebec Government is currently seeking new ways to focus on “creating a zone of confidence with citizens that their data will be protected.” In response to the Canadian society’s demand for more private and secure technology, eID-Me is now launched in Quebec with other provinces to come. Its remote ID verification feature is applicable to many important industries (e.g. government, financial, e-commerce, and health care) for secure online access to their services.


Supporting Ontario’s Enhanced Driver’s Licence, Brings Total Supported Identity Documents Up to Six

Digital Wallet on iPhone with Ontario Driver's Licence, Ontario's Enhanced Driver's Licence, Ontario Health Card, Ontario Photo Card, Quebec Driver's Licence, Canadian Passport

eID-Me now supports: Ontario Photo Card, Ontario’s Enhanced Driver’s Licence, Ontario Driver’s Licence, Canadian Passport, Ontario Health Card, and Quebec Driver's Licence


eID-Me is now supporting Ontario’s Enhanced Driver's Licence (EDL), which allows identity proofing for citizens traveling to the United States by road or water. Despite the program ending in June 2019, residents can continue using their EDLs until the expiration date.


The addition of Ontario’s EDL brings its total supported identity documents up to six, which includes:


  • Canadian Passport
  • Ontario Driver’s Licence
  • Ontario Health Card
  • Ontario Photo Card
  • [NEW] Quebec Driver’s Licence
  • [NEW] Ontario’s Enhanced Driver’s Licence

To register for eID-Me, you will need a valid Canadian Passport AND your province’s Driver’s Licence/Photo Card.


Future of Digital Identity in Canada

A ‘trusted digital identity’ has long been on the public and private sector’s agenda to help improve and boost the efficiency of services provided for our growing economy. The benefits to incorporating digital identity in our lives are evident with proper education and implementation. According to DIACC (Digital ID and Authentication Council of Canada), businesses can engage and build trust with customers, reduce onboarding costs and data protection risks, and collect data in line with legal best practices. Individuals can safely and efficiently access online services, reduce worry of identity theft, and most importantly, control their own personal data. 


Results from a 2019 DIACC survey show that over 70% of Canadians want to see governments and the private sector collaborate and implement a common digital identity. With Canadians spending one third of their time online, it is apparent that having a convenient, private, and secure digital identity is of value to our society.


eID-Me: Your Personal Digital Identity

eID-Me Features: identity proofing, digital wallet, secured identity (phone biometric authentication method: Face ID/Touch ID), password-free login

eID-Me features include identity proofing, digital wallet, secure identity, and password-free login


Functional: eID-Me is a digital wallet carrying government-issued identity and self-managed identity information, offline, on the user’s phone. Information is encrypted and bound to your phone’s authentication methods (e.g. Face ID/Touch ID). eID-Me also has remote, online identity verification and password-free login, enabling remote access to services from the comfort of your own home.


Secure: eID-Me holds no repository of your personal information. Your personal data is protected offline on your phone, and risk of identity fraud is practically zero. Identity proofing is done remotely at your home by taking a live selfie and scanning your identity documents (see above for currently supported documents). Once you submit your information to eID-Me’s server for verification, a certificate-based digital identity is created and issued to your smartphone. Your information is then erased from the eID-Me server.


Universal: eID-Me benefits individuals and organizations across Canada. It gives better and more secure access and control to services. Support for other provinces will be released subsequently. Let us know which province you want eID-Me in! Help us by joining eID-Me Members groups and volunteering as a tester:


eID-Me is also in the midst of developing partnerships with organizations. If you would like to speed up integration and adoption of eID-Me, share this with your family and friends, and/or email your local MP or MPP (Ontario, Quebec). Help us shape the future of digital identity, one province at a time.


Download eID-Me with the following links:

Watch the eID-Me Registration Tutorial and ID Verification Demo (video).


For more information about eID-Me, visit


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