Rebranded with New Features

Welcome back to the Bluink Blog. This post is about how we rebranded and upped the ante on functionality and scalability.

Since Bluink was last at RSA, the company and our flagship product suite, Bluink Key (if you knew it as Injector, you know us and the now rebranded product well!), have come a long way… from customer deployments, where we manage 500+ shared use credentials for IT Administrators to enhanced Federated Identity login functionality through OpenID Connect, in which we have fully enabled FIDO public-key authentication in the sign-on protocol.

All of this product capability and more is managed through our easy to deploy Bluink Enterprise server and leverages our Phone-as-a-Token, Bluink Key 2FA Android and iOS apps.

Our latest customer deployment alluded to above is a neat set of use cases in the Canadian education sector.  About 100 administrators and educators deliver a highly sensitive set of CAD tools and libraries to over 3000 grad students and end users across the country. They collectively manage over 500 shared credentials amongst themselves and to systems which provide access to very sensitive intellectual property for the students. Making sure that the IP is never compromised by unauthorized use or access is a mission critical security requirement. Using a Bluink Key Enterprise server and Phone-as-a-Token apps, the IT team can do this quickly, seamlessly, and efficiently with 100% adoption. This can be broken down into four distinct use cases:

  1. Privileged account management with 500+ shared credentials for IT Administrators
  2. SSO for internal employees with stronger passwords for managed logins
  3. Secure push 2FA for external access to sensitive IP cloud services
  4. Convenience for personal logins for employees where they can add their own logins

Bluink Key satisfies all the key stakeholders in this deployment: IT admin with reduced complexity, end users with simplicity and strong authentication, and IP owners with enhanced security and peace of mind.

Come see the Bluink team in San Francisco at the RSA Conference to hear more and experience deployable 2FA and strong authentication solutions you can use today to secure your enterprise and your credentials!

Bluink booth: #N3017, North Expo

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