Welcome to the Bluink Blog!

Hi, Bluink Key user or future user or the curious trying to figure out what strong authentication and identity and access management really means in practice.

Welcome to the Bluink website and Bluink Blog. Here, the Bluink team tries its best to fill you in on what’s happening about:

  • Our clients and their use cases for strong authentication, strong passwords, and 2FA
  • Our R&D achievements
  • Cool things we’ve done
  • Solutions we’ve demoed (like eID-Me)
  • New features we’ve put on the roadmap

And, of course, this is about our client success stories. Keeping people’s credentials and identities safe and secure using our Phone as a Token strong auth solution for organizations who need security and protection on the use of their infrastructures and for average people like us who want to manage our many logins for web, computers, banking, loyalty programs, e-commerce, and more. All of this is easily and seamlessly done from the one device we all can’t do without — our smartphone.

Stay tuned here for updates and more in the run up to and during RSA Conference 2017. If you are coming to the conference in San Francisco from February 13–17, be sure to come and see us at the booth #N3017, North Expo.

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