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Digital identity and identity verification mobile app

“So, what is edge computing?

Edge computing is computing that’s done at or near the source of the data, in the field so to speak, instead of relying on the cloud at one of a dozen data centers to do all the work. It doesn’t mean the cloud will disappear. It means the cloud is coming to you.” – Paul Miller from The Verge

If you follow technology trends you probably have heard that “edge computing” is going to solve all the problems of the world, right behind blockchain. Well, neither is true, but computing at the network edge certainly has some strengths when we are talking about digital identity.

Paul Miller talks about latency, privacy and security, and bandwidth, and how edge computing is the better way of processing data, in a decentralized manner.

Let’s focus on privacy and security. Because that’s what we do best.

But first, here’s a simple introduction about eID-Me:

eID-Me is a secure digital identity app that verifies and digitizes government ID and stores the information on your smartphone in a cryptographically secure manner. You can share verified ID information with your initiation and consent to better access supported services. It also acts as a secure, private backup of your ID information, and is encrypted and stored offline on your smartphone. 

So how does eID-Me, a digital identity, make use of edge computing, rather than having all the processes done in the Cloud? 

Privacy and Security

Processing and storing on the edge can enhance privacy and security for a digital identity because identity proofing and ID storage is not done in a “honey pot” centralized environment that is open to a scaled attack. By scaled attack, we are referring to a hacker gaining access to thousands or millions of persons identity information with a single hack!  In addition, minimizing bandwidth and processing off the Cloud can result in a greener footprint for identity technologies as a whole.

From identity proofing and KYC onboarding, to storage of your digital ID, sticking to the edge computing paradigm seems right. Processing millions of citizens’ personal and biometric information in the Cloud is a non-starter for us.

We differ from others by allowing you to hold your own sovereign identity in your own hands, i.e. on your smartphone, where only you can access it. And when you want to verify your identity with a service provider (e.g. government, financial, legal, etc.), it’s just a convenient tap of approval away. No need to take a selfie and scan your identity documents again, and no need to send in paperwork and wait for days to weeks.

And let’s not forget, there is no Cloud… It’s just someone else’s computer! 

Interested in eID-Me for your business? Contact us today for a demo/live demo.

Let’s help build the future of digital identity together, one province at a time.

Where is eID-Me available currently?

eID-Me is now available on Apple iOS and Android Google Play across Canada, in all provinces and territories. 

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